Vegeta (ベ ジ ー タ, Bejīta) is one of the main characters in the Dragon Ball saga. He is the prince of the planet Vegeta, his father is King Vegeta. He is the husband of Bulma and the father of Trunks and Bra. He is the eternal rival of Son Goku.

Over the manga, he ousted all other rivals Son Goku to become the ultimate rival of the hero and this in most of the saga.

Characteristic and personality
“I do not care about my planet, my friends, my parents … I just regret having been a slave all my life without realizing it! ”
– Vegeta, after realizing that he was acting as Freezer’s slave.

Vegeta is introduced with Nappa as a high-level Saiyan shortly after Raditz’s defeat. Despite its size (which continues to increase from chapter to chapter), it shows very quickly its capabilities. He has a remarkable intelligence, allowing him to take over during the course of the story, including his quest for Dragon Balls on Namek, and sometimes during some fighting as with Zabon.
It is unclear whether the author planned to soften it or was just one enemy among many. He soon became the rival of Son Goku, eclipsing Ten Shin Han, and much later Piccolo. Unlike his Goku, Vegeta is particularly radical and does not hesitate to kill. Whatever the part of the manga, his goal is above all to surpass Kakarotto, whom he considers inferior to him out of pure pride.

The popularity of the character will continue to grow among fans. He is the perfect embodiment of the anti-hero with a certain class. The author will make his defeats more and more tasty. Indeed when Cell gets his perfect body, Vegeta is quickly swept away. Yet the most iconic scene in the fans is clearly not the latest sequence of Cell, but the sequence of the Final Flash, a new technique extremely powerful extremely flickering Cell a few moments. This passage has become cult whatever its support.

It’s the same when Boo is about to kill the prince. Vegeta, for the first time in her life, is determined to finish off her family and Son Goku. It is a very strong image of this character, showing that Akira Toriyama has a new effect on him without denying his original nature.

Vegeta is present in films from the 6th, where he is on a par with his rival. The director Shigeyasu Yamauchi manages to give a new tone with the character when Vegeta sees for the first time the legendary Super Saiyan that spoke to him so much his father. Vegeta is then paralyzed by its nature of “pure” Saiyan according to Paragus.

The climax of his rivalry will be reached when he merges with Son Goku, when Majin Boo is about to undo all his opponents. It will be the same in the film starring Janemba. Vegeta will have to put aside her pride to counter the most extreme threats.

Vegeta is a small man (one meter sixty-four) but well built. He has a dull complexion, an oval head, black eyes, black eyebrows almost always frowned, and a long black hair, bristly. He wears throughout the series tight blue outfits, often accompanied by different armor, but it will also be seen wearing, in some passages of the series and the manga, a pink shirt stamped “Badman” with a yellow slim at the moment the arrival of Freezer on Earth.

Note that over the plot, Vegeta is less and less protected by different models of armor to finish with the only combination in the last part on Majin Boo.